Welcome Back

Welcome Back!

Thank you for your continued support and interest in Chanticleers Theater. We are proud to announce that in 2022 we have a new Artistic Director, new creative contributors and several new board members. Everyone is genuinely excited to be able to offer live theater again. As you know, the past 2+ years have been difficult to say the least. We have all tried the best we could to find our way through this difficult period.

For our part, we reopened the theatre too soon last year and it did not work out ideally for anyone (for more on that, please visit Apologies). That being said, now that we’ve had a change in leadership and it’s feeling like we might have turned a corner with this virus, we believe it’s time to (safely) return to the theater.

As our new expanded team takes the reins at Chanticleers, we invite members of the East Bay community to reach out so we can rebuild and grow our group with some of the vibrant talent the Bay Area has to offer.

Whether you’re an actor, an audience member, or maybe a potential volunteer, we want your help making Chanticleers Theater your community theater for the 21st century.