Tribute to Jer Kruse

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A part of our heart and soul has left us. All of Chanticleers is mourning the passing of Gerald (Jer) Kruse, best friend of this theatre for over twenty years.
Over the years, Jer wore many hats—usually several at a time — including serving as Board President, Treasurer, Sound Technician, Facilities Manager, Technical Director, Stage Manager and much more. Every role or task he took on was carried out with a cheery “can do” attitude and unwavering spirit of joyful service.
There is so much to be said about this wonderful man but he will be remembered especially for his bright smile and infectious laughter. Hardly a conversation or phone call with Jer would go without a joke or funny turn of phrase on his end. If you’ve ever chuckled at the cartoons and quips embedded in Chanticleers’ programs, then you too have enjoyed his playful wit. His sense of humor was his calling card.
Jerry Kruse was an amazing and loving person. He was a gift to the world. We at Chanticleers were honored and proud to be his friends. The light is dimmer, the music is quieter, and our hearts are heavier without him. Our prayers and condolences go out to his partner Sandy and his children, Cheryl and Kevin, and grandchildren.
Please read some of the comments written by friends below.

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Our dear friend, Jer Kruse, passed away late last night. He was peaceful, had the blues playing and smiling to the end. There is a huge hole in the universe and my heart this morning. 

Here are just a few of the many comments posted on Facebook in honor of Jer.
Leslie Archer Kent I’m so very sad to hear this! What an amazing ray of sunshine and joy he was in all of our lives!!
Neal Martinsen So sorry for your loss. I worked with Jerry for many years and one I’ve always looked up to! In fact he introduced me to the Blues and mountain biking!! RIP
Martie Muldoon I’m so very sorry to hear this , he was such a great, happy soul. Always had everyone’s backs. He will be missed. Love and hugs!
Damion Clark Noooo. Much love to Jerry, his family, and the extended Chanticleers family. I loved working with him on the 39 Steps. And will never forget his generosity, his warmth, and his infectious laughter.
Katina Psihos Letheule Heartbroken. It was such a pleasure to work with him – so giving, so kind. A true gentleman.
Judy Beall The world is a lonelier place without that smile. Jer was one of a kind. So privileged to have known him. ❤️
John Maio Always, Always, Always a smile on his face, always willing to help you with anything. Every time I was with Jer, he made me realize I could be a better person, that I needed to be kinder and more interested in helping others. I will never be able to live up to his example but I was lucky enough to know him and I will try my hardest in his honor. Wherever his soul lands, they will be lucky to have him ❤️😥
Sue Trigg Oh no, loved that man. Such a lovely spirit:(
Queenie Lari Jer, was an individual who never turned his back on anyone. He was always ready to help; and we will never forget that smile. Thank you Jer for being there for me. My prayers go out to your love ones.
Chloë Angst Jer was the coolest sound guy and had such a genuine heart. What a loss. I am so sorry to hear this. Please let me know if I can help with anything service wise. Sending love.

Steph Seaberg OH NO! Jer was an amazing man. One of my favorite Chanticleers.


Marylou Juras Ramirez My heart is broken. Jer was my pal and a God send to our theater,. May he rest in peace wih the angels.

Vicki Kagawan Zabarte I am so heart broken to hear the passing of this lovely man. I was so unfamiliar with Chanticleers Theatre, he guided me thru its ins and outs. He helped me whenever I needed it and answered all my questions when no one else can. Always a smile on his face no matter what issues arises. My thoughts and prayers to Jer and his family. Chanticleers Theatre won’t be the same without him.


Kai Brothers That is so sad. Thanks for sharing. What an amazing man he was. Such a joy to work with.
Francesca Cipponeri I can’t believe this! He was such a sweet and wonderful man. Please let us all know about service details/ if there’s anything we can do to help at this time.
Suzanne Ochs Thank you Jer for everything you did for our sweet “home”…. Chanticleers. Your smile lite up a room and I always looked forward to a hug ! You are so loved and will be so missed ! May you rest in peace and love. Condolences to your family and your theatre family !! 🙏
John Baiocchi We are all devastated.
Darrien Cabreana He will be missed by everyone who met him. What a warm and friendly man.
Mary Kidwell Oh, Georgia, that is such sad news. My love to you, and everyone who was close to him.
Jeff Fredericks This is terribly sad. Jerry helped so many of us train for the ride while showing us that anyone was capable. He’ll be missed.
Roger MN Caetano I feel like someone reached into my chest and ripped out my heart. Jer was the heart and soul of Chanticleers theater. Always so vibrant, so happy, so loving, so cheerful. It’s hard to believe that he’s gone. He was an amazing individual, supporter, and lover of theater, and everybody involved. It brought him so much joy to be involved with shows, and to know the actors directors and staff, and it was his life. I am deeply saddened today, and he will be sorely sorely missed. Sending strength to his girlfriend, and his kids on this very difficult day. I hope he is somewhere smiling down and realizing all the joy he brought to the world We love you, Jer!! 😊😍❤️😘 🎭
Joan Evans He was on our prayer list and I was hopeful that he’d make it through. He’s at peace now and out of pain.
Joan Evans Look at all the comments about his kindness and helpfulness. What a blessing he was and what a legacy to leave. Yes – we all need to be more like Jerry.
Georgia Lee Barnes Joan EvansIndeed. Here are two of the best people around. Love you Joan and Jer!
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