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2020 Season

2020 Show Tickets


Steel Magnolias

Play by Robert Harling
Directed by Kendall Tieck

Feb 7 to March 1




Friendship never goes out of style! Make an appointment at Truvy’s beauty salon where the ladies of Chinquapin meet to get their hair done and let their hair down! Through the clouds of hairspray and the buzz of blowdryers, six Southern spitfires swap gossip, wisecracks, and wisdom in this hilarious and heartwarming comedy that explores the bonds of friendship and the strength of women. Full of sass, style and sisterhood, Steel Magnolias will make you laugh ‘til you cry with its big characters, big hair, and even bigger heart.

Bridges of Madison County

Play by Marsha Norman
Directed by John Baiocchi

May 1 to May 31




Francesca Johnson is a beautiful Italian woman who married an American soldier to flee war-ravaged Italy. Every year she looks forward to the four days alone on her Iowa farm as her family heads to the 1965 State Fair. When a handsome National Geographic photographer Robert Kincaid pulls into her driveway seeking directions, everything changes. The Bridges of Madison County is a touching and powerful show you won’t want to miss.

The Foreigner

Play by Larry Shue
Directed by Carl Smith

July 17 to August 9



A proofreader by day and a boring husband by night, Charlie just wants to be alone. He goes off to a fishing lodge in rural Georgia and convinces the staff that he is from a foreign country and doesn’t speak a word of English. Charlie then finds himself privy to information spoken around him on the assumption he doesn’t understand — including a lodge takeover by the Ku Klux Klan. In an effort to communicate with his hosts about their imminent danger, Charlie is forced to rapidly “learn” to speak English. What follows is a roller coaster ride of lightning-quick dialogue, sidesplitting laughs, and hilarious sight gags.

<div>Director – Carl Smith</div>
<div>Stage Manager – Kathy Romine</div>
<div>Chanticleers Artistic Director – John Biaocchi</div></DIV><br><br><br><div><b><i>Cast:</i></b></div>
<div>Charlie Baker – Henry Halkyard</div>
<div>Froggy LeSeur – Ron Cook</div>
<div>Betty Meeks – Georgia Lee Barnes</div>
<div>Catherine Simms – Heather Warren</div>
<div>Rev. David Lee – Vaughn Mayer</div>
<div>Ellard Simms – Danny Georgiev</div>
<div>Owen Musser – C. Conrad Cady</div>

Mamma Mia!

Play by Catherine Johnson
Directed by Kevin Hammond

October 16 to November 15, 2020




Sophie is ready to get married to her fiancée Sky, except for one thing – she has never met her father and wants him present for the big day. She invites three men who she discovers in her mother’s diary and believes might be candidates. When they all arrive unannounced, Sophie’s mother Donna becomes distressed. As Sophie, Sky, Donna, her friends, and the three potential fathers prepare for the big day, emotions run high and surprises abound. This fun musical features hits of the wildly popular ‘70s Swedish pop/dance group ABBA.