Book by Joe Masteroff
Directed by John Baiocchi

Oct 18 – Nov 17, 2019

”Leave your troubles outside… in here life is beautiful.” Cabaret beckons us to enter the Kit Kat Klub and the decadent world of 1930’s Berlin. In glorious song and dance, Cabaret tells a cautionary tale of folks living in a bubble, unaware of the dangers that lay ahead. Songs include “Willkommen,” “Don’t Tell Mama,” “Perfectly Marvelous,” “Two Ladies,” “Tomorrow Belongs to Me,” “Married,” “If You Could See Her” and “Cabaret.” Cabaret is musical entertainment at its best.


Johnny Orenberg – The Emcee

Melissa Momboisse – Sally Bowles

Darrien Cabreana – Clifford Bradshaw

Marsha Howard – Fräulein Schneider

C. Conrad Cady – Herr Schultz

Darrien Cabreana – Clifford Bradshaw

Heather Warren – Fraulein Kost/Fritzie

Kenny Silberberg – Ernst Ludwig/Max

Em Woods – Victor/Sailor/Customs Official

Danny Georgiev – Bobby/Sailor

Amanda Clemmons – Rosie

Isabella Bishop – Lulu

Sophia Lanza-Weil – Frenchie/Gorilla

Leslie Howard – Texas