2017 Show Season

Nov 17-Dec  17 Christmas in Oz holiday musical special benefitting EBCT>


A Musical Comedy by
Rick Elice, Marshall Brickman
& music by Andrew Lippa

Oct 6 – Nov 5
Director: John Baiocchi

That loveable family of creepy kooks is alive and well and living in their super-spooky mansion in Central Park. The Addams family, led by the elegantly gaunt Morticia and her ever-devoted husband Gomez, is in turmoil. The family is thrown into turmoil when daughter Wednesday falls in love and invites the new boyfriend and his “normal” family to get better acquainted with the Addams household. It’s non-stop laughter and music. Da-da-da-da-dum [finger] Snap Snap….


A Comedic Farce by
V. Cate and Duke Ernsberger

June 30  – July 23
Director: Jacob Russell-Snyder

It is December 20, 1970 and Elvis Presley has disappeared. No one, not even his wily manager, “The Colonel,” knows of his whereabouts. Hi-jinks abound as the Colonel takes desperate measures to replace a man who is irreplaceable. This hilariously funny story will keep you guessing until the end.

A Mystery by Frederick Knott

April 7 – April 30
Director: Michael Sally

An apartment in 1960’s Greenwich Village becomes the site of a terrifying game of cat and mouse. Desperate to reclaim a mysterious doll stuffed with illegal drugs, a con man lays a trap to ensnare a blind woman. When the doll can’t be found, the situation spirals out of control.

A Farce by Neil Simon

Feb 3 – Feb 26
Director: John Maio

When four couples gather for an anniversary party at the posh suburban home of New York’s Deputy Mayor, it isn’t long before the guests realize something odd is up. A riotous comedy of errors ensues as they try to put the pieces together using snippets of rumors.